Hypocrites oath:  Do no harm.

April 16, 2018

I know the Hippocratic oath is to do no harm, but these days I just find that so hypocritical. There has only been one time that I have gone to the doctors where they have not tried to give me a new prescription and that time she recommended I buy a gun and take conceal and carry classes. The point that I'm getting at is doctors are just drug dealers in lab coats.


The thought of my doctor as a drug dealer occurred to me when I realized I could literally ask for any drug and she would prescribe it. It really hit home when I went to pick up my prescriptions, and I realized that all the pharmacies are on the corner. At that time I realized I called up my drug dealer (doctor) for a hookup (prescription) then went down to the corner to make the exchange. I really had a crisis of conscience then, I needed to know: which came first the corner drug dealer or the corner drugstore? Eventually, I realized that it doesn't matter, although, this is just another form of institutionalized racism. Doctors are nothing more than drug dealers in lab coats; the only difference is that one is backed by the government through "education and training" which you must pay for. If you come from the socioeconomically disadvantaged background, you probably will not have the means to pay for the 11-15 years that's required to become a doctor depending on your specialty legally. Then sadly once you're out in the real world, no matter whatever altruistic intentions you might have started out with, you become a pusher for the pharmaceutical industry. 


 Now, we all know that doctors are not in the habit of fixing people, you make more money off of treating a disease than you do curing it. That is why we as the consumer must always be vigilant. If your doctor recommends something to you, it is completely within your rights to challenge them and be right. You know more about yourself than your doctor does, and quite frankly my dear they don't give a damn. A few years ago I went to see my doctor for a migraine, she put me on an antidepressant (it's called off-label prescribing), not only did I not need to be on antidepressants and did it not help my migraines but it also made me gain 40 pounds! I started doing research on my own and found out that many of the drugs that she had prescribed me counteracted each other and should not be taken together. Confronted with this all i got was an "oops". From that point on I started treating my doctor as a drug dealer, I go to her with what I want and tell her how much I want and when I want it. I have to do all my research and damn near get a Ph.D. in medicine to make sure that all of the medicines can be taken together because I cant trust, my doctor, to give me two drugs that combined will not give me hypertension. Beyond that, every year doctors all over the place are responsible for pregnancies. Doctors put women on oral contraceptives but forget to to tell them "this medication will render your birth control useless." 


Now, I'm not trying to hate on all doctors; they see hundreds of people every year, and they do save lives. I do not expect them to remember everything about everyone and everything. I do expect them to do their due diligence though. As a doctor you are supposed to be a step above a drug dealer, that's why you're "regulated," right?


There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance. -Hippocrates



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