The Virginia Company

April 20, 2018

There is a reason I love genealogy so much. I once heard someone refer to genealogy as the "Museum of Me," which is pretty accurate. The more you know about your family, the more connected and grounded you feel. Although I'll probably never know facts about the African side of my family (because those records were destroyed or not kept to begin with) what I know about the white side of my family is so cool, it almost makes up for it.


​I got both of my parents DNA tested last year to help me with my research and boy did it help! First, I was able to connect with family members and get information that was missing from my tree which helped me to go back further, and I was able to connect my tree with other family members as well. Not only that but gives you a lot of hints about your family, and it told me that my dads family were early settlers of Virginia and Tennessee. I didn't think anything of that hint until this week when I was doing research and finally got back to the late 1500's on my dad's side and found out that his family owned part of The Virginia Company... You know, the one they sing about at the beginning of Pocahontas! Yeah, it turns out that my dad's family was English nobility and they really did help settle America, this was the coolest thing I had found out about my family because I could actually prove it, I had the direct line with all the paperwork to prove it. It also helped make sense of the Native American DNA in me, because I Only have about 2% Native American, so it's probably 6-8 generations ago; which means that one of my ancestors who settled here probably had a John Rolfe - Pocahontas thing going on.


Now, Knowing that I come from a line of Sir's and Lady's of England and Scotland was quite exciting in and of itself, but it's the modern day twist that brings it home. Before I had my DNA tested based off of my gut and everything that I had been told, I just knew that I had traces of Great Britain in me ( i didn't think it was going to be as large as it is, but I had a gut feeling it was there). One year for Christmas my boyfriend had bought me a title in Scotland, it was really cheesy, but it was my favorite gift that year. I didn't even know you could buy someone a title before he bought me one. So I actually own a couple of small plots of land in Scotland, and I am a Lady in Scotland. It's just so funny to me because it's the circle of life. 400-500 years have passed and without even knowing it I was repeating family history.


"In sixteen hundred seven
We sail th
e open sea
For glory, God, and gold
And The Virginia Company"

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